A couple of days ago, Boston Fire lost 2 firefighters while working at a 9-alarm fire. Hit close to home since it’s less than an hour drive. For good or bad, the reporters did their thing with the live “play-by-play” coverage. It’s frustrating because it’s a lot of speculation and lets be honest, they don’t understand fire behavior and fire tactics, but I suppose they are doing the best they can. Within a few hours my Facebook was exploding with video and then eventually the big one. The audio from dispatch.

I avoided listening. Been a few days and I still haven’t listened. I’ve listened to a couple from other fires for close calls and try to come away with some useful training. Maybe I will with this some day, but for now, I’m gonna skip this one.

If listening is therapy for you, it’s linked above.

The wife was watching the news when I came home later the evening of that fire. Her sister had texted her asking me to change professions, half kiddingly. I turned the television off and asked her not to watch that stuff. I don’t think it’s healthy for me or her. I’m not ignoring what happened. I just want to be the one to explain it to her so maybe it can make sense to both of us. Maybe that’s the wrong answer.

I figure that I can’t be scared of going to work and she can’t be afraid that I’ll never come home. Respect the risk, enjoy every moment of life and have the confidence that you’ll come out the other side ready for the next one. I try to live a good life, make people smile, work hard, make a difference. RIP brothers. We’ll take it from here.