So I’m ramping up to start posting comics again. The move is done. Been looking at some efficient ways to do the basic stuff on the fire ground.  There’s a new probationary firefighter in the building so it’s been good to go back, review this stuff and be better. We’ve all seen the drills and there seems to be acceptance of complacency on the hose line.

The nozzle man needs to be aggressive, advance the line quickly and hit the fire effectively. The backup man needs to move that hose, stay ahead of the nozzle man’s pace and properly backup the nozzle man when water is flowing so he/she has the ability to do the job properly.

This video posted by Fire by Trade highlights both roles being filled properly. The nozzle man is free to move the nozzle all around and attack the fire and protect the crew. The backup man is holding the pressure of the line and providing support to the nozzle man. We all know it’s not easy. Some of us struggle more than others. The question really is, what are we (each of us personally) doing to prepare ourselves to advance and operate a line like this. Fitness, strength, technique, teamwork.