New Look Jakes

I wasn’t totally pleased with the way things were looking but I soldiered on because posting comics was more important than character design and no comics. I found the things I enjoy with drawing/illustrating these guys and needed to either simplify or add more detail. So I added more detail to the characters. I’m trying hard to work stronger emotions through the faces with actual eyes and hopefully better use of mouth/face expressions ala John K of Ren & Stimpy fame.

I’ve also doubled the size of each frame to squeeze in this detail give myself a little space to make lines happen a little more freely. It definitely takes longer to draw each panel but I’m pleased with the pencil work thus far. The plan is to play with inking and coloring a little bit before posting these again. I really enjoy the inks and color that Dave Kellett uses with Sheldon so maybe I’ll play with some of those techniques with my bright color palette.

The bottom line is that there is progress. Thanks for hanging in there.