It’s no secret that I’m a little bit of a gamer but honestly I stopped playing Grand Theft Auto a while back cause, basically, there was so much to do in the open world environment. The same goes for Skyrim and World of Warcraft. If I kept playing those games the way I was, I would never have the time to make a comic and that is part of the reason for the “on-again, off-again” relationship I’ve had with Jakes over the last few years. Now, I fill my gaming in with a little Mario Kart, perhaps a 30 minute block of Skyrim here or there and a few lives of Candy Crush and that’s it. Doesn’t mean that I don’t want to try these mods out for GTA 5 though. Here are some videos from Typical Gamer on YouTube. Sorry for him, he’s sorta stupid and annoying, but the mods are cool.