Frequent Flyers and table tent NH Emergency Services Conference Table

Last week Jakes and Frequent Flyers attended the NH Emergency Services Conference as a vendor. The show was at the Grand Hotel right next to the outlets in North Conway, New Hampshire. I was expecting to have more space than we did. Essentially the vendors were placed down one of the hallways across from the larger conference room and all the tables went up against the wall. The tables were crammed in so there wasn’t any space for me to draw which I think hurt my weekend.

The people were nice, the other vendors were eager to make connections and staff genuinely wanted to show to go well. Not to say there weren’t any problems or common sense issues but I think they wanted this thing to work. I didn’t sell enough to cover costs, so that’s a bit of a problem. There was only one other vendor actually selling things so I thought I’d do okay. Also I positioned my table near the coffee and breakfast at the end of the hall except at 0915 hours, it all went away and there wasn’t any reason for people to walk down my way. Regardless, I made some good connections, have a few good comic ideas for both strips and was able to hand out a lot of stickers.

The conclusion from this event is that I will likely not return in I have to pay. In fact, I’m not totally sold that EMS and Fire conferences are worth it. I thought pushing an EMS and a Fire comic as well as having prints, posters and original art of EMS/fire related subjects would be a draw with this particular crowd but it seems that in New Hampshire, that is not the case. I think instead I’ll show at a couple comic cons and compare. The con season in my area doesn’t fire up until late spring so I have time to get my stuff together.