I’ve been bad with this blogging thing and it’s my “second-half of the year resolution” to get better and make more regular updates. I’ve been busy to say the least.

The Kickstarter for Jakes & Frequent Flyers: The First Year of Comics is over, book orders have been fulfilled and we are DONE! Thank you again to all those who supported it. Right now I’m in the beginning stages of meeting local book stores, comic shops and firefighter/EMS uniform stores to see if they will carry the books on consignment or whatever. More to come on that but if you’d like a book, you can order one from my online shop.

I’ve shown my work at a couple of smaller comic conventions with mixed results. I’ve been able to cover my table costs but I’m not certain that a con is the right place for me. My last show was the Maine Comic Arts Festival in Portland, Maine back on June 4th and stepping back to compare my table to others, I essentially had a seizure. There is so much going on and so many different people I tried to appeal to that perhaps I had no identity other than being a big ol’ yard sale. I need focus and I need to believe in my fire stuff. More fire related drawings and less of the other distractions.

So in conclusion… More posts coming, regularly updated even. Weekly comics! And for all the other stuff I doodle or draw or whatever, it’s probably best to follow me on Twitter or Instagram at @notoriouslb3.

Here are a few pictures of my MECAF table. Feedback is welcome. Stay safe.

MECAF photoMECAF photo