The Big 4

I promised more updates so here you are! A couple of weeks back I put together a non-commissioned piece of sorta’ fan art for Mark Vonappen and his “Big 4”. If you are a firefighter and don’t know who he is, please take the time to research him. His daily motivations on social media are great, hearing him speak gets you fired up and from the short time I got to talk and be around Mark, he seems like he’s “one righteous dude”.

His message is simple, the Big 4:
Do your job
Treat people right
Give all out effort
Have an all in attitude

He’s a Captain at a fire department in California and travels the country doing talks to help keep firefighters motivated, light a fire under butts and continue to fight the good fight. Here’s a link to his blog. Go check him out if he’s in the area and oh yeah, if you happen to be at FDIC, he’s there, usually standing room only. Stay safe.