Where have you been lately?

I really stink at this blogging thing. No regularity, no personality, no insight and literally no content since, like, Thanksgiving. Here’s an attempt to make things better and get the ship going again… And BTW, I’m sorry for being absent and neglecting the blog, the comic and the website.

As many of you know, my wife and I had our first child on January 18, 2017. It was a whirlwind of a week and little Sebastian plus mom did well. He’s 14 weeks old today I think and it was/is tricky finding time to do the “art” things I did before. I literally spent 10-14 hours a day, nearly 7 days a week drawing, sketching or something art-related.

The comic was fun but it’s hard to keep a weekly deadline with lots of time let alone minimal time. I’m luck I have 30 minutes at a whack to even type and post this. Having Sebastian in our lives is definitely a change, a good one I think. But it means that my personal stuff might get put on the back burner and that production is slow. REALLY SLOW.

Because I’m cheap and because being a full-time firefighter means I have a rotating shift schedule, childcare is difficult. To pay for a full week of childcare when some weeks we only need a day and maybe a couple hours the next day seems foolish plus I really want to spend time with the little nugget. The solution is that I watch him on my days off which means no art time until after the wife gets home and gets settled.

So for now, again, the Frequent Flyers is on hiatus. Jakes is also still on hiatus. Life happens. I have loads of comics written but no art for them. I’ll poop them out as I can but no promises. However to keep the juices going and still produce stuff, I’m drawing when I can and making stickers or prints here and there. Nothing too involved and if it is, super slow daily progress.

Commissions are still open so reach out if you want something. It’ll take a bit longer but I’m excited to accept your challenge. I have another few posts coming up because I have a few shows I’ve managed to squeeze in this summer and a couple other exciting projects I’m part of. Thanks for reading, following and all that, I truly appreciate all of your support.

Stay safe.