The last few years of doing emergency responder art on the side has been amazing but I’m stepping it up by offering custom “Evolution of…” prints for your department. This is something I’ve sorta’ had available but never really tried to sell. Maybe it was a confidence thing, maybe I’m just a terrible salesman but posting this online is a passive aggressive way for me to make what I do available to y’all.

Here’s a custom Evolution of Milford Ambulance I did:
Evolution of Milford AmbulanceSo here are the details… I’ll draw, color and print your own 12″x36″ “Evolution of…” prints. You and I can work together to write the text for up to 6 apparatus (I can’t fit more that 6). This includes a customized background like the Milford print above, apparatus paint schemes and lettering all done in my style. Reorders are easy and all the pricing is below. Email me at if you’re interested! And as always, stay safe.

Evolution Pricing 2017