Your ego is not your amigoNot sure why I thought posting this was a good idea, maybe it’s to attempt to stroke my teenie-tiny ego, maybe it’s a reminder that I’m still on the right path, I dunno. How often though, do you get a honest review of who you are? (at least I hope it’s honest) I actually wish I got them more often. Critique and self-reflection, being honest with myself and being serious about improving have always been the highest priority for me.

We all have this skewed, sorta’ biased idea or vision of who we are but it isn’t necessarily what our family, friends or even acquaintances see. The following was written by a former boss and someone who became an out-of-touch friend. Stay safe and remember what “your ego is not your amigo”.

I don’t keep friends, I keep acquaintances, but if I was wired differently I would like to be able to call Lenwood Brown III, mi amigo.

If you’ve met Len then you know that there is NO WAY you can pay him a compliment, he simply won’t accept it.  Len is the most loyal honest and selfless guy I know.  He is also easily the most random dude I have ever met in my entire life.  I mean, c’mon how many Lenwoods do you know?  When we first met I often described his vague but unique ethnicity as “I think he is Hawaiian or maybe Samoan” until I decided that he absolutely was “likely an Eskimo”  He was neither, I still don’t actually know what he is…. But I know a few things he can do.

Len can write, draw, is a whiz at graphic design, played the trumpet in a ska band, and is the only person from NH to ever graduate from Mississippi State University.

Len takes credit for none of his talents, in fact he is far more likely to belittle his talents and heap praise upon those around him.  While some use it as a cheap ploy to mask insecurities Len manages to pull it off believably.

Len has sacrificed god knows how many unpaid hours and  career opportunities (not to mention risking his life) due to his dedication and service as volunteer fire fighter.  I can count at least six separate times when I told Len he was wasting his time on this hobby…. teased him for being a glory seeking thrill junkie.

I was wrong  – Len is the sort of guy who saves your ass and doesn’t ask for credit.  We started a company together and Len did me a favor by running up to the state capital to register the company.   Long story short, we were young and had no idea how to run a business… it wasn’t long before we had to fold and creditors came calling.  Len solely shouldered the burden, never once complaining, or griping, frequently not even sharing the extent of his struggle.    Len is just one of those guys.