I’m slowly reimagining how I put myself out to the world now that I’m not doing a weekly comic but in the meantime, I have some stickers for you! I’ve been slowly drawing, printing, laminating and cutting these little beauties. They all get posted over on my Etsy store which has replaced my personal online store.

Why? Well, the traffic there is much higher and it seems people go there to find random stuff like mine, who would have though? Anyway, a departure from some of the other stuff I’ve listed as the only thing that I’m posting there are original artsy-fartsy type pieces  and firefighter-related items. Mostly stickers and prints but who knows, maybe pins or even another book one day.

If you’re interested in any of these stickers or any of my other stuff, please take a look around my Etsy shop. Here’s the link and stay safe.

Wonder Woman Firefighter Stickers Staw Wars BB-8 Firefighter Stickers Baymax Firefighter Stickers Deadpool Firefighter Stickers Groot Firefighter Stickers Joker Firefighter Stickers