Jakes Maltese

Jakes is a comic about the daily struggles and shenanigans that happen in and out of the firehouse. Some of it is inside baseball but most of it, everyone can relate to. Some of the stories are true, some are exaggerated and some are totally made up.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not-so innocent.

Who keeps posting this ridiculous-ness?
Lenwood Brown, otherwise known as the Notoriouslb3, went to college to become a Disney animator but instead went into graphic design & marketing. That was stressful and mostly sucked so he started chasing his passion, creative problem solving in high stress situations.

He’s been in the fire service for 10+ years as a call firefighter, volunteer EMT, part-time EMT and ultimately a career firefighter/EMT. Jakes is his way of combining his creative side with his fire side hopefully without offending too many people along the way.