Maybe it was just me but I used to always explain what was gonna happen when I was gonna check someone’s blood sugar. I’d explain the process with the needle and the drop of blood, etc… I would usually through in some joke about seeing how sweet he/she was, haha. Then I would ask which finger they wanted me to use and typically they would say that they didn’t care and offer up their index finger.

Well, this one old timer saw it fit to give me the middle one. He was sorta joking but also not to excited that I had talked him into taking a ride to the hospital with us. Joke was on me I suppose. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if he started calling all of his friends or there’s some kind of old person, telepathic alert system or what, but it seemed for weeks after, everyone was flipping me off when it was time to check the sugars.

Whatever, they got to smirk at me and I got my drop of blood. Everyone left a winner. Stay safe.