Sure it’s Labor Day and as a devoted reader you were probably expecting some kind of joke where the rest of the world has the day off except firemen but instead you got this. Ferp!

Well, here’s the deal… This strip was set to post last week but things have gone cray-cray.

I’ve signed a contract with a prominent emergency services online news website to produce a weekly comic about EMS stuff. Basically it’s a crossover from Jake and his firehouse exploits. So yeah, you were used to getting two comic strips a week and that will continue in a few weeks, however, one will be Jake and the other will be the “yet-to-be-named, with a similar look but focused on EMS and posted on their site and then posted on my site a week later” comic strip. An official announcement is forthcoming and I apologize, only one comic a week for now till I get this thing sorted out. Stay safe.