Selecting the appropriate neck tie was something I obsessed about. It’s really the only thing on me that had any personality. Regular dark suit, white short, essentially a buzz cut and not much else would set me apart visually. So your tie said who you are, the color, the pattern, the type of knot you tied. I knew I was tying a Half Windsor because it is a symmetrical knot as opposed to the Four In The Hand Knot which is not. The color though, that was a different story. Is it cliche to wear a red tie to a firefighter job interview, is yellow too soft, stripes, duckies, what, what, WHAT!? I wore red with blue stripes when I finally got a job. It became a discussion point and kind of a joke when the interviewers asked what I did to prepare for the interview. Maybe it helped, maybe I’m dumb, but definitely don’t wear a fish tie and I would strongest suggest NOT wearing the infamous piano neck tie.