We’ve all been there but let’s honest… If gum really IS the worst thing you stepped in, it’s been a good day. You managed to avoid, pee, poo, vomit and blood, you even managed to avoid stepping on the patient, the patient’s cat and perhaps even your partner. These “landmines” are not easy to avoid. They are literally everywhere, disguised as something else, camouflaged by the darkness and often unavoidable. We play Hop Scotch to avoid these things and sometimes, when you let your guard down, when you’re not on a call, SQUISH… A giant lump of gum on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. Your partner laughs as he/she should since you would likely laugh at them, and you spend the rest of the shift trying to scrape the goo from the bottom of your boot with sterile water and a tongue depressor. Ah well, like I said, could be worse. Stay safe.