You aren’t an EMT if you haven’t thought of taking a stretcher ride like this at least once. I’m a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan and the image of those two shooting down a hill in a wagon is so iconic to me. It makes a simple powerful statement about a rambunctious little boy and his stuffed tiger who’s along for the ride which is basically a soft, nostalgic moment that is likely in all of our childhoods.

I wanted to play with that idea a little and show the fun/horror of being an EMT. Often we are just there for the out of control ride where we can’t do a whole lot for our patient. There is terror in our souls for what we might see next but eager anticipation to help someone. The background is calm because in the sea of chaos we must be calm. It’s my homage to Bill Watterson and his comic, Calvin & Hobbes. Stay safe.