Working the night shift is always an adventure. There is always the worry of a multitude of things like waking up for calls, getting dressed for calls, running all night and being a vegetable the next day, full moons, the dark… Personally I hardly sleep. I’m always half awake and usually look and feel like crap the next day.

However, there are some times when you are assigned with a group of guys/girls who SNORE so much and so loud that even getting sleep with one eye open isn’t even possible. I’ve been known to ditch my bed in favor of a recliner because it was quieter there. In fact, the thought of sleeping on the stretcher in the ambulance or on the floor in back of the engine have crossed my mind.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve sought for sleep while working an overnight shift? Best of luck to you and battle to get rest in the middle of 48 hours straight and as always, stay safe.